Our Mission

To ensure the cash flow of smes。

At Tradeview, we are not only experts in trade finance, we are also believers in trade finance。

Not only is trade finance our core business, but we are also encouraged by its impact on the health of our businesses and employees。對我們服務的中小企業群體而言,這一點尤為重要。

Whenever we start working with a customer, we do so with their long-term success in mind。

Our team of experts will work with you on the ground, combining global experience with local insights。To ensure the best solution for you, we are always happy to listen and understand your business model, unique circumstances and future ambitions。

We are proud of Germany's high performance culture and 22 years of excellent results

Committed to sharing our experience and expertise to support the cash flow required for your business growth and other goals。我們源于德國的高效文化和價值觀反映在我們“能夠做到”的精神中。In terms of personal support and commitment, we provide the same high level of service worldwide。

Tradewind International Factoring
Ensure cash flow, growth and happiness。


Export factoring

Accelerate cash flow turnover, improve collections and control bad debt risk。

Our customers

Tradewind provides financing to companies around the world and has extensive knowledge in various industries。

Our global presence

We combine global scale with local expertise across major industries。

Our team

As a global company, Tradewind is built on a diverse team with diverse backgrounds。